How to get more SEO clients with your blog?

August 17, 2017
Sandy Allain

In recent years, the words “SEO,” “content marketing,” and “blogging,” have been touted as important business development tools. However, most people don’t know how to use them in order to attract more clients. This is unfortunate, given that keeping a keyword-rich, SEO-optimized blog is one of the best ways to attract more people to your business. It’s content marketing with a real purpose. If you’re looking for more SEO clients, and you don’t keep a blog, you’re missing out on a big business opportunity. Here’s what you need to know in order to get more clients with your blog.

SEO and Content Marketing

Before we can talk about using your blog to get more clients, you first need to understand the history of SEO as it relates to content marketing. According to Mashable, the early days of SEO consisted of choosing the right keywords to bring traffic to your website. It didn’t matter if the content on your blog appealed to humans. It only mattered if that content appealed to search engines.

As a result, not all content on the blogs you read was worth reading. It contained a lot of keyword-rich phrases, but maybe not much helpful information. Mashable called the old content model “machine-friendly garbage.” If you’ve ever read a keyword-stuffed website, you probably know about this first hand.

Nowadays, people have realized that the content on your blog has to appeal to humans. If you write good content, the chances of it getting shared go up exponentially. However, due to the emphasis on content marketing, some people have become convinced that they no longer have to worry about SEO. The truth of the matter is SEO and content marketing are not (and should not be) mutually exclusive.

Blending SEO With Content Marketing

As Kissmetrics points out, it’s nearly impossible to have content marketing without SEO. (Blogs can be a form of content marketing.) Using the right combinations of keywords is what allows the search engines to find you. This, in turn, allows potential clients to find you.

Whether your potential clients like your blog’s content enough to hire you rests almost solely on the content itself. However, it’s likely that you see a connection between writing content that’s SEO- and client-friendly.

The element that binds content marketing and SEO together are the keywords that you use. Let’s use an example. Say that you have a bakery client who wants your company to write some Valentine’s Day content. After visiting with your client, you decide to write an article about creating chocolate chip cookies to give to people as Valentine’s Day gifts. You include a recipe and a link to the bakery’s Valentine’s Day services at the end.

Here’s where SEO comes in. In and of itself, a chocolate chip cookie recipe article is not inherently a Valentine’s Day item. It’s the keywords you use in the article that turns the chocolate chip cookie recipe into an article about making chocolate chip cookies as Valentine’s Day gifts. You can use this technique with almost any subject.

Using Your Own SEO to Get New Clients

The Search Engine Journal recommends using your blog to create quality content that your readers find useful. In the example above, the bakery’s clients would get some useful ideas for their V-Day celebration.

Using the same method, as an SEO expert, your blog content would need to explain the ins and outs of using SEO to get more business. It could also cover how to choose keywords, case studies about SEO successes, and how to choose an SEO professional.

If your potential clients are looking to hire an SEO expert, your blog will establish you as an expert largely by the content that you write. Additionally, if you’ve used good SEO techniques (as outlined in the previous section), you won’t have to work as hard to convince clients to use your SEO services. You’ve already proven to them (by virtue of the fact that they found your blog because of SEO) that you can help them.

Here’s how that looks:

  • You use SEO via the keywords on your site brings potential clients to your site >
  • Your content explains how SEO works AND how they found you because of your own use of keywords on your site >
  • You educate these potential clients about how you can do the same thing for their websites

One More Thing…

It’s nearly impossible to talk about using a blog to get more clients without talking about guest blogging. The Moz website talks about the power of guest blogging. Savvy guest bloggers find other bloggers in their niche and offer to write blog posts for them. These blog posts link back to the guest blogger’s blog.

This does a couple of things for you in terms of gaining more clients. First, you get some valuable and relevant backlinks to your website. While this article has discussed using keywords as a component of SEO, it’s not the only one. Having links to your site from quality sites also helps. It raises your profile on the search engines, which in turn, makes it easier for clients to find you.

Second, if you’re an SEO, then you should be looking for other blogs that deal with SEO or content marketing in some way. Preferably, these sites will be expert sites with a lot of traffic. The people who read that blog will see your contact information at the bottom of the blog, and if you have something relevant to say with respect to their business needs, they’ll look you up. However, you need to have an SEO-related blog for them to visit before they’ll hire you. That’s why it’s so important that you write good content about SEO on your blog and do so regularly.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to get SEO-related clients, including via social media posts or by attending local business functions. However, writing a blog about SEO establishes you as an expert. It’s also a passive way for you to attract clients no matter what time of day it is. The keywords that you use to attract visitors combined with solid blog posts about all things SEO will eventually help you acquire more clients.

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